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Seiko QXH073B QXH073-B QXH073BN Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock

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Seiko Dual Chime QXH073-B QXH073B QXH073BN Wooden Wall Clock


Seiko Westminster Whittington Chiming Clock
Wood - Alder/MDF/Maple Veneer Case
White Round Dial
Arabic Numerals Markers
Hour & Quarter Hour Chime
Hourly Strikes Follow the Hour Chime
Automatic Chime Silencer (11pm-5:45am)
Volume Control
Battery C (Alkaline) x 1
Clock can play either Westminster or Whittington chime on the hour – click on the play button to hear the tune.
Height: 51.4cm
Width: 23.7cm
Depth: 9cm