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Paramount Curved End Premium Silicone Strap – Compatible with Omega Moonwatch - Yellow (2404)

Sale price$49.90 SGD
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Reimagine your watch with our Curved-End Premium Silicone Straps, tailor-made for compatibility with popular Omega models. These straps are engineered from the ground up to resist the challenges of daily wear, boasting a durable and flexible liquid silicone rubber construction.

The curved-end design ensures your watch looks as cohesive as it is elegant. The underside of the strap is thoughtfully designed with a wave pattern that provides necessary ventilation, offering supreme comfort and keeping sweat at bay. The detailed grooved surface adds a layer of sophistication to your watch, perfect for any setting, whether it's a casual day out or a formal event.

Available in a selection of 10 vibrant colors, our straps give you the freedom to express your personal style while ensuring compatibility with your cherished Omega watch.
  • PREMIUM SILICONE RUBBER: Crafted from liquid silicone rubber, these straps are velvety smooth on the skin while providing a durable shield against daily wear and tear. Perfect for active users, they combine tactile comfort with a robustness that stands up to water, sweat, and sun.
  • CURVED END LUGS: The curved lug ends of our straps are compatible with various models such as Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch Speedmaster, Omega Speedmaster, Tudor Black Bay, Rolex Submariner and Seiko Divers. The curved-end design ensures a seamless and secure connection between the strap and watch case for a streamlined look.
  • VENTILATED WAVE PATTERN: The innovative wave-like design on the underside of the strap not only adds a unique visual appeal but also enhances breathability, keeping your wrist ventilated and comfortable throughout the day.
  • GROOVED DETAILING: The strap's surface features a grooved design, adding a layer of sophistication and grip, while preventing slippage and enhancing the overall tactile experience.
  • VIBRANT COLOR SELECTION: Choose from an array of 10 vivid colors to personalize your timepiece. Whether you're looking to make a statement or match your watch to your wardrobe, there's a color for every style and occasion.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Keep your strap in impeccable condition with minimal effort; the natural resistance of liquid silicone to dirt and grime means a simple wipe-down will keep it looking new.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL 316 BUCKLE: This strap features a 316 stainless steel buckle, known for its corrosion resistance, ensuring a lasting secure fit and adding a touch of elegance with its polished finish.

Strap Lug Width / Buckle Width: 20mm / 20mm
Length: 120 / 75mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Lug End: Curved Lug End
Material: Liquid Silicone Rubber
Buckle Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Buckle Type: Pin Buckle
Thickness: 3 mm

Paramount Curved End Premium Silicone Strap – Compatible with Omega Moonwatch - Yellow (2404) -StrapSeeker
Paramount Curved End Premium Silicone Strap – Compatible with Omega Moonwatch - Yellow (2404) Sale price$49.90 SGD