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Dexter Silicone Curved Lug End Strap Black (Silver Deployment Clasp) (Rolex Replacement)

Sale price$44.00 USD
Buckle Option:

Upgrade your watch with the Dexter Silver Deployment Clasp. This stylish clasp is designed to provide a secure and convenient closure for your watch strap.

Crafted from high-quality silicone material, the Dexter clasp offers both comfort and durability. It is resistant to dust and can withstand everyday wear, making it an ideal choice for active individuals.

The curved end style of the clasp ensures a seamless fit with your watch strap, creating a sleek and polished look. It enhances the overall aesthetic of your timepiece.

The silver deployment clasp is made from polished or brushed 316L stainless steel, adding a touch of sophistication to your watch. It not only looks elegant but also provides a reliable and secure fastening mechanism.

With an overall length of 125mm + 85mm, the Dexter clasp is designed to fit a variety of wrist sizes. It offers adjustability and ensures a comfortable and customizable fit.

The thickness of the clasp tapers from approximately 4.0mm to 3.0mm, creating a slim profile that complements the overall design of your watch strap. It adds a refined touch to your timepiece.

Upgrade your watch with the Dexter Silver Deployment Clasp. Its high-quality silicone material, stylish design, and silver deployment clasp make it the perfect choice for a secure and fashionable closure. Elevate your watch-wearing experience with this premium accessory.

Overall Length: 125/85mm
Thickness: Approx. 4.0mm - 3.0mm
Buckle Type: Finish: Polished / Brushed 316L Stainless Steel Silver Deployment Clasp
Material: Silicone
Lug end style: Curved End