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Seiko 5 series watches collections and specifications

Seiko 5 watches are probably one of the best selling and most successful series of the brand. The appreciation of the public is mainly due to two factors: the quality and the price. This series, despite having an economic price tag, manages to integrate features that on average are found only on much more remarkable watches.

A Seiko 5 watch is an accessory that accompanies different lifestyles and has been designed to embrace a wide range of personal interests.

An example of quality is its automatic movement with a date and the day of the week, a distinctive element in the models made in Japan.

The Seiko 5 different styles list varied and constantly updated designs: from sporty to elegant models to Diver models for diving enthusiasts. All have in common an unparalleled quality/price ratio.

The elegance of the Seiko 5 Sports SNZG13K1

The Seiko SNZG13K1 is a watch that has a pleasant aesthetic. It has a classic style and allows immersion in water. It comes with a design that can be used both on simple daily occasions, in contact with water, and as real divers, consisting of a resistance capacity of up to 100 meters.

For those interested in the technical specifications, the SNZG13K1 is entirely composed of the impeccable stainless steel material and the high-quality hardlex crystal.

Its readability is ensured even in the dark thanks to the internal luminescence of the display. The date and day of the week are indicated in the preferred language: English or German. It weighs only 163 grams, not one of the heaviest watches.


Going Automatic: Seiko SNK807

It feels a little strange to review a Seiko automatic wristwatch: the Japanese production company was the first to introduce quartz technology. Still, the Seiko 5 Automatic SNK807 is a really good watch with a versatile design for everyday life. Once you put it on the wrist and shake it a little, the automatic mechanism is activated.

This is a mechanical watch with an automatic movement and the back of the case utterly transparent, so you can see the mechanisms that make it work. The case is made of clean steel, with a nylon strap. On the blue dial, we find progressive numbers marked every 5 minutes to indicate the minutes. More in the center, we find a circle with smaller numbers representing the hours.

The date display is beautiful and easily readable. The buckle for fastening the strap is in brushed steel, which recalls the motif of the case. In the dark, the hands light up thanks to the luminescent paint present on the hands.

One of the best among the Seiko 5


We make a special mention for the Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SNZF17K1. Aesthetically, the watch has a sporty and interesting design thanks to the use of the color black, used to enhance every detail of the metallic contrasts.

Technically, we find all the impeccable functions that Seiko offers for its diving watches, with the unidirectionally rotating bezel with blocking of the case for setting the dive times, for a maximum of 60 minutes. It allows a dive up to 100 meters, useful for not too deep dives and for those who practice snorkeling.

The watch case is 42 mm, so it is quite large and readable; also the materials used are excellent we find the use of 316L steel for both the case and the bracelet.

Marketed in 2017, it presented as a unique novelty the use of a new automatic caliber more precise than previous models.

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Seiko 5 series

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