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Orient Classic or Orient Bambino - What's Your Style?

From grandfather clocks to pocket watches to wristwatches, the history and craft of constructing timepieces have always been a fusion of art and engineering, passion and practicality. For most people, and especially watch connoisseurs, the act of selecting the perfect watch is a deeply personal expression of identity. For some, features are king, but for most, it’s all about showcasing your personal aesthetic sensibility. What makes you unique? Do you crave high fashion? Do you seek versatility? Do you want a timepiece that moves seamlessly between formal and casual wear? Orient Watch delivers all of this and more.

Countless Style Combinations

A business dedicated to developing watches of the highest quality since 1950, today Orient Watch draws inspiration from the latest fashion trends crisscrossing the streets of Japan. While the underlying style motivation is infused with the daring designs of youth, the variety of bands, dial configurations, case colors, and numeral types means you can find exactly the right watch to enhance any wardrobe.

With four separate collections to choose from, Orient Watch designs range from refined elegance to finessed sportiness. With mostly domed glass, there are designs that embrace color and others that maintain a more neutral color palette. The bezel is gorgeous and fabricated to allow light under the dome of glass and illuminate the design details.

In addition, there are a number of special visual customizations to choose from, which are associated with specific models in each collection. For example, you may enjoy “skeleton” flourishes like circular, peekaboo windows to glimpse the Orient mechanical gears and precise interiors of these functional art pieces. Or perhaps you would prefer the whimsy of a rotating sun and moon.

Orient Classic, Bambino, Sport, Star – which are you?

Would an Orient Classic automatic timepiece be the ideal accompaniment to your favorite, perfectly tailored power suit? Or, are you an Orient Bambino type?

In some ways, the description “classic” doesn’t quite do justice to this collection. While the word conjures up images of gold cases and brown straps, or silver cases and black dials, and you can certainly find that in this collection, the collection offers so much more. For example, the Azure, a design available in the Orient Classic automatic line, is studded with crystals for extra glamour.

Meanwhile, the Orient Bambino collection is the embodiment of sophisticated romance. Whether you are drawn to a leather or stainless-steel band, this classy line of watches will likely add confidence to your stride. The stunning Bambino Version 5S, still featuring the domed crystal design and Orient mechanical prowess, is a slightly smaller timepiece at 36.4mm wide rather than the customary 40.5mm wide, and would perch perfectly on a slimmer wrist, available with either a rose gold or white case.

Maybe you are planning a deep-sea adventure or at least a casual boating trip and you would like to take advantage of the diving features of the Neptune in the Sport collection. Or, maybe you just want to look like you are prepared to repel down a mountain in an emergency situation, in which case any one of the watches in the Sport collection would certainly fit the bill. 

The Orient Star collection is inspired by the origins of the brand itself, with designs that pay homage to the watches released in the 50s. So, are you an Orient Classic, Orient Bambino, Orient Sport or Orient Star? Perhaps you’ll just need to collect one of each.

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