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Watch repair and Service Singapore
Looking for the most affordable and reliable place for watch repair services in Singapore? At Skywatches in Singapore, we offer in-house repair servicing, refinishing cases, watch repair jobs and restoring all mechanical watches. Our watch repair expert have years of experience and all our customers are assured of superior after sale services. We provide diverse watch repair services ranging from changing batteries, replacing crystal and crowns, fixing watch hands, polishing scratched outer case, lume recovering and many other services.

The services we offer include:

1.  Disassembling the entire watch and movement. We then do a careful examination of every watch component.

2.  Inclusive cleansing and quality battery replacement. Additional costs are incurred if a repair or replacement of a worn out or damaged part is done. However, the repair and replacement are only done after the owner agrees to it.

3.  The rebuilding of movement, attuning the timing mechanism and oiling of the jewels.

4.  Inclusive timepiece cleaning. We then polish and refine the bracelet and case lest the owner instructs otherwise.

5. Regulate watches especially automatic watches that are moving too fast or too slow

Experts advocate for regular watch servicing usually every 3 - 5 years. For your watch to be in good condition, the following regular servicing needs to be done:

Step 1.  Full watch disassembling and movement to allow for a comprehensive inspection of every component.

Step 2.  Cleaning of all parts of the watch. The damaged or worn out parts have to be repaired or replaced. If any replacement or repair of a damaged or worn out part is doe, additional costs are incurred. The repair and replacement happen after consultation and approval of the watch owner.

Step 3.  The next step involves reconstructing the movement, calibrating the timing mechanism and oiling the jewels.

Step 4.  A comprehensive cleansing of the timepiece. Our specialists then polish and refine the case and bracelet unless the owner has advised otherwise.

Step 5.  Afterward, the watch is subjected to a thorough quality control and testing process for 72 hours. This exercise includes resistance to pressure and water, timekeeping, factory specifications testing and visual examination. Quartz watches owners.  It is advisable to replace your battery as soon as you detect that your watch is near end of life.

When is it necessary to repair or service your watch? 

1.  When it becomes stiff and tight to adjust time and date. 

2.  When you note a short power reserve from the watch. This usually happens with automatic watches. A good indicator, in this case, would be the watch stopping a day after 8 hours of continuous use. 

3.  If your watch begins to gain substantial time, it is enough warning for a need for service.

4.  Else, if the watch starts losing considerable time, you need to bring it for servicing. 

5.  You need to service your watch if it stops or partly malfunctions if you detect a breakage and there is a need for repair. 

6.  After the watch has worn out. This should be done at a regular interval of 3-4 years.      

Keeping your watch serviced is as important as keeping your body healthy. If you need a dependable place to repair your watches in Singapore then you have found it. We understand the value of giving the best services to our customers. That is why our watch repair specialists are committed to offering quality and affordable repair services to everyone who chooses to trust their watch with us.

Watch Repair and Service Singapore

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