Reward Points Policy

The Skywatches Reward Program is designed to help you get the most out of your membership. We reward you for doing the things you already do: shop on (the “Site”), refer friends to Skywatches, and send us feedback on your purchases. Best of all, you can use the points you earn to purchase more items from our online store! The following terms and conditions (these “Reward Program Terms and Conditions”) contain important information regarding the Program. Please read the following Reward Program Terms and Conditions carefully. These Reward Program Terms and Conditions are incorporated into the Site Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of the Site Terms and Conditions includes acceptance of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions. These Reward Program Terms and Conditions are a binding agreement between you and Skywatches and will govern your participation in any and all Program offers.

Participating in the Program entitles members (“Members”) to take advantage of certain Program rewards (“Rewards”) that may change from time to time and, which may be made available for limited times, all as determined by Skywatches in its sole discretion. Pte Ltd reserves the right to modify these Reward Program Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice to you, so it is important to check the Reward Program Terms and Conditions periodically. Participation in the Program or redemption of Rewards is considered acceptance of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions and any modified terms included therein. Upon notice, Pte Ltd may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend or modify any aspect of the Program or any Program Reward at any time, including the availability of any Program Reward.

Program Period

This Program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another rewards program by (the "Program Period").


To be eligible in the Program, you simply need to have registered for a Skywatches account at . You do not need to have a subscription to earn Points in the Program.

Earning Skywatches Points

Once you have become a Member, you can begin racking up Skywatches points (“Points”) the following ways:

  • Create an account - Earn 100 Points
  • Sharing on social network — Earn 20 Points
  • Fill out product reviews — Earn 100 Points for each review that was approved by Skywatches. Only products purchased through Skywatches are eligible for feedback Points via reviews. For a review to be eligible for Points, it must be posted within 14 days after you receive your purchase. For example, if you receive your purchase on September 1st, you will have until September 15th to post reviews of the products in the and earn points.
  • You will only receive the points after Skywatches approves the review. Typically, this is done within 3 working days.
  • Pte Ltd reserve the right to approve the review at our sole discretion.

Upon notice, Pte Ltd reserves the right to suspend, terminate, revalue or modify, without liability to Members, all or part of the Points’ value structure and offers and any merchandise or service. Skywatches reserves the right to adjudicate all Points discrepancies in its sole discretion, and the Members agree to abide by any such adjudication. You can check your Skywatches Points balance on your account page.

Skywatches Points Redemption

The Points are redeemable towards purchases of any items (excluding the promotional items) on the Site in any increment. You can redeem your Points during the checkout process.

To redeem your Points, simply add items to your shopping cart, and click the “Checkout” button (if you’re not already signed in, the next screen will prompt you to sign in to your account). Continue through the checkout process. When you get to the Payment Details section, you’ll see a box that that says “Use Reward Points” When you click it, your Points will be used and the dollar value will be deducted from your order total. Done! 

Reward Points Guideline Chart

You can use this guideline chart below on how much $ you can redeem for the points that you’ve earned. Please note that the reward points are awarded accordingly to our base currency in USD$.

After every purchase:

For every USD$10

You will get 10 pts

For every 100 pts

You can redeem USD$1 discount

Points are available for redemption for the purchase of products only while supplies last. Product quantities may be limited. If you choose to apply Points to your purchase, you can only redeem up to 10% of the sub-total costs of the items. If you have more Points than are necessary to complete a purchase, the appropriate number of Points will be applied and deducted from your account to complete the purchase; points not needed to complete the purchase will remain in your account. If you have Points in your account, but not enough to complete the purchase, all Points in your account will be applied to the purchase. You will be asked to select another form of payment to cover the remaining balance. For example, if a Member has a $100 order in his cart, and has 2000 Points (equal to $20), he may apply his Points (1000 Points ($10) only based on 10% of the sub-total costs of the items) to the purchase and pay the remainder with his credit card.

Refunds & Returns

Any items received as a result of Points redemption may only be exchanged for a refund of the applicable Points redeemed for such item (not cash or credit). Purchases made with Points will ship in the normal course of business.

Skywatches Points Minimums And Maximum

You cannot redeem Points for more than 10% of the sub-total amount of your purchase. Points are not redeemable for cash.

Skywatches Points Balance

You can always check your Skywatches Point balance in your account page.

Skywatches Points Expiration

Points will expire 6 months from the date they were first earned. If Member does not redeem Points within this time frame, Member forfeits all such Points.
Your Account page lists your Points balance history, which displays the dates your points were earned.

Reward Conditions

Rewards may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and local tax laws applicable to Member. Members are solely responsible for reporting such items on their tax returns and paying any associated tax liability. Members may not assign or transfer any Rewards. Skywatches makes no warranty in any respect as to any Rewards, merchandise or service available within the Program.

Termination Pte Ltd may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Program and/or any Reward at any time, including the availability of any Reward. Skywatches may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate or suspend any Member’s participation in the Program for breach of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions, or for taking any actions that are inconsistent with the intent of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions. Skywatches reserves the right at its sole discretion to prohibit any Member from participating in any aspect of the Program if Skywatches deems or suspects that such Member has engaged in or has attempted to engage in any of the following: (a) acting in violation of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions; or (b) damaging, tampering with or corrupting the operation of the Program or Site; or (c) acting with intent to annoy, harass or abuse any other person; or (d) any inappropriate, uncooperative, disruptive, fraudulent, potentially fraudulent, or unusual behavior or activity; or (e) activity deemed in the sole discretion of Skywatches to be generally inconsistent with the intended operation of the Program. Any decision Pte Ltd makes relating to termination or suspension of any Member’s participation in the Program shall be final and binding in all respects. Pte Ltd shall be the sole determiner in cases of suspected abuse, fraud, or breach of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions or intent of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions.


Except for willful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of Pte Ltd, by participating in the Program, Members release Pte Ltd, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, advertising and promotions agencies and their respective directors, officers, employees, and agents (collectively, “Released Parties”) from any and all liability for any loss, harm, damages, cost or expense, including, without limitation, property damages, personal injury and/or death, arising out of or in any way connected to the Program or the use of any Rewards.


Members agree to indemnify, defend and hold Pte Ltd and its representatives and agents harmless from and against any and all third party claims, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, arising from, or related to any breach by Member of any of these Reward Program Terms and Conditions or any violation by Member of applicable law.

Governing Law

The laws of Singapore shall govern these Reward Program Terms and Conditions. Member hereby expressly consents to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the courts located in Singapore for all matters arising in connection with these Reward Program Terms and Conditions or Member’s participation in the Program.

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