Seiko Scuba divers watch

Seiko scuba dive watches

Watches are being re-engineered every now and then to ensure that their water resistance levels are heightened. These Dive Watches can withstand underground water pressure of up to 1062 meters as per the recent tests. They just could be the best performing watches when it comes to water pressure. The airtightness of the watch also makes it perfect for professional divers. Some are designed with vertical and horizontal lines. The vertical lines indicate the pressure in the watch whereas the horizontal one indicates the duration of diving. Another excellent feature of Seiko Scuba dive watches is the impermeability to helium gas. While other try to release the gas during diving, Seiko has made steps to ensure that this pressure building destructive helium gas does not penetrate the watch in the first place.

There are various models of Seiko watches. This article featues the SRPA model, the SPRB model, and the SBDC model. Among these models also various variations exist.

Seiko SRPA Dive Models

One notable model is the SRPA21 Prospex X Padi. These watches are designed for men. They work very well for professional divers.

Benefits of the Seiko Scuba SRPA Models
· They have automatic hand unwinding hence can be used without battery
· Can withstand diving pressure of up to 600 feet or even more
· They harbour a magnetic resistance index of up to 4,800 A/m so there won’t be interference
· The casing is made of durable stainless steel that will last even longer
· They have a chronograph calendar displaying dates and weeks
· The watch is certified by the Professional association of Diving Instructors.

Seiko SPRB Dive Models

The SPRB model is just a slight enhancement over the SRPA model. The features are almost the same. Only that the SPRB model is slightly fine-tuned compared to the SRPA Seiko Model. Its brand colour is generally silver. And it is also a valuable diver’s watch. The SRPB51 is the latest model made in 2017.

Benefits Seiko Scuba SPRB Models
· It has self and automatic rewinding abilities
· The watch is known to have up to 21600 vibrations per hour
· Also has a power reserve that can run for 41 hours
· Has a water resistance index of up to 600 feet deep

Seiko Scuba SBDC Model Dive Watch

This watch has passed the ISO 6425 certification. They all bear a Prospex logo. You can get the SBDC031 and the SBDC033 models. These watches have good quality and are effective for diving depths of up to 200 meters.

Benefits of the SBDC Model
· Has a water-resistance level of up to 200 meters
· Made with a stainless steel casing for durability
· The hour-markers and hands are fluorescent to enhance visibility at night
· Can be unwound by hand and then continue to serve

Seiko Scuba Diving Watches – Final Verdict

The legend of Seiko Scuba Dive Watches is being passed on and on over generations. The watches are built with reliable and dependable features. These Seiko Scuba Dive Watches can withstand the harshest of environments including the icy north and south polar environments. They might be all a diver would need.

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  • SKX007J1

    Seiko divers SKX007J1 SKX07J

    Seiko SKX007J1 SKX007 Automatic 200m scuba Dive watches with addition...

    Regular Price: $320.00

    Special Price: $235.00

  • SEIKO SKX007K1

    Seiko SKX007K1 22A76H01A

    Seiko Automatic 200m scuba Dive watches SKX007K SKX007 with additional...

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    Special Price: $195.00

  • Seiko Automatic Scuba Divers Watch SKX013K2 SKX013 Jubilee

    Seiko Automatic Scuba Divers Watch SKX013K2 Jubilee

    Seiko Automatic Scuba Dive 200m Watch SKX013K2 SKX013 Jubilee SKX013K

    Regular Price: $310.00

    Special Price: $227.00

  • SKX009J

    Seiko SKX009J 22AKOR416

    Seiko Automatic Divers Watch with Shroud SKX009J SKX009

    Regular Price: $350.00

    Special Price: $258.00


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Seiko Scuba divers watch