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Seiko Perpetual calendar

Seiko’s Perpetual Calendar has been a great opportunity for Seiko in attracting the market with its elegant design for dress watches. What got buyers and enthusiasts really interested in the product was the feature of a Perpetual Calendar which is a highly accurate mechanism that keeps the date and time of the timepiece precisely aligned down to the millisecond until the year 2100. It takes into account the leap years as well. The Seiko Perpetual Calendar’s technology and craftsmanship differentiated itself from other watches in terms of sheer reliability and performance. However, that’s not all that there is to the Seiko Perpetual Calendar. Let’s look at some of the models that have utilized the Seiko Perpetual Calendar to build a dress watch worth keeping in anyone’s collection.

Seiko has had a few bestsellers with its successful launch of the Seiko Perpetual Calendar watches, even having some of these models be part of the Premier Collection. Let’s look at models SNP004P1, SPC123P1, and SPC131P1 to see what makes these watches worth buying.

The SNP004P1 is part of the Seiko Premier Collection. This model is at 43mm case diameter with a little bit thicker case at about 12mm. In addition to the Seiko Perpetual Calendar, this model is kinetic powered as compared to the other models which are battery-operated. The Sapphire Crystal coating also adds more protection from scratches compared to glasses used in the previous models. Moreover, the gold plating accent adds more personality to this timepiece by highlighting its outlines for an elegant look combined with its simple design.

Another popular model is the SPC123P1 is a Chronograph Men’s Watch with a case diameter of about 40mm and case thickness of about 11.5mm. Not much accent can be found in its case, but what makes it truly shine is its simplicity as a chronograph.

Last but not the least would be SPC131P1 which is a Neo Classic designed Chronograph. Its case diameter is a little bit larger with an estimate of 44mm, but its case thickness is the same with just about 11mm. The overall design of this watch follows the SPC121P1, except for its eye-catching design for its dials. Compared to the SPC121P1 which utilized minimalistic roman numerals in its design, the SPC131P1 boasts its large and curvy numbers as part of the aesthetic of a chronograph. Though for some this may look a little bit cluttered, but that doesn’t stop this timepiece from being an attention-grabbing accessory.

Seiko Perpetual Calendar

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