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Seiko Prospex Lowercase "DigitTuna" Watches


Seiko introduced a new collaboration of JDM Prospex Digital Tuna Fieldmaster X Lowercase- SBEP001, SBEP003, SBEP005, SBEP007, SBEP009, SBEP011 AND SBEP013- that are released in the Local Japan Domestic Market.

These Seiko digital Fieldmaster Tuna watches, are extremely popular right especially since these watches comes at a low price range compared to most Seiko JDM Prospex models.

The wide colour range of these Digital Prospex Tunas ensure that you will find one to your liking.

The SBEP001 comes with a black shroud case with silver pushers.
SBEP003 comes with a blue and red Pepsi bezel with black pushers.
SBEP005 comes with a black shroud and gold pushers, attracting a little more attention to your wrist.

The two latest addition are the SBEP011 and SBEP013.

The design of these Prospex Digital Tunas are by Yuki Kajiwara, creative director of Lowercase, who is also the designer behind the Prospex SBDN Diver Scuba, SBDJ Fieldmaster, STBR Limited Edition, and SBDL Diver Scuba models.

These watches are fully Solar powered by cal. S802 movement. Fully charged it can go, and it has 15 months of standby power. There is a power indicator at the bottom of the screen.

This watch is 49.5mm in diameter and 14mm thick. With a tap on the glass, there is a back light that helps you see in the dark. The dual time function cover 44 cities around the world and there are additional functions like timer and calendar. The rotating diving bezel has This watch has a water-resistant level of up to 200 metres.

Seiko SBEP (JDM)

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