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Seiko 5 Watches

The Seiko 5 watches are popular among men and women as a watch for daily wear, presentable to wear to work and also durable to wear while playing sports. It comes in a huge variety of designs, from minimalistic classy dress watch designs to diver sports watch and everything in between.”. The Seiko 5 watch range carry many watches with different styles, meant for various uses, but all of the watches have carried the emblematic signature Seiko 5 logo on the dial.

The Seiko 5 watches are known by many names, Seiko five, Seiko 5 Sports, Seiko 5 Sportsmatic and Seiko 5 Automatic- with movements starting from 17 to 25 jewels. 

History of Seiko 5 Watches

When it had been introduced in 1963, the Seiko Sportsmatic five publicized multiple innovations. the primary was the Diaflex spring, Seiko’s unbreakable spring. Another was the Diashock shock resistant style.. One other specific advantage of a Seiko 5 watch was overall water resistance.


Seiko 5 watches also have a great winding efficiency due to Seiko invention, the “magic lever”, permits the spring to be wound whether or not the rotor is twirling counter clockwise), the user doesn’t actually need to use the crown to wind the watch. A couple of shakes square measure all that’s required to urge the watch running, and daily movement of watch wearers during their day keeps the watch running. With winding unneeded, designers tucked the crown underneath the lip of the edge at 4:00 and gave the watch a unambiguously clean look.

5 Attributes of Seiko 5 watches 

1. Automatic winding
2. Day/date displayed in a very single window
3. Water resistance
4. Recessed crown at the four o’clock position
5. sturdy case and bracelet


Another great thing about the Seiko 5 automatic watches other than the variety of the watches made for different purposes, is the price point. You can get a simple Seiko 5 dress watch under a budget of $100. The Seiko 5 automatic sports watch are slightly more expensive than the dress watches due to the additional features that makes it more durable. However, the Seiko 5 automatic sports watch are still affordable for the great quality and design. Due to the huge variety of designs and categories -Seiko 5 Sports watch, Seiko 5 Dress Watch, Seiko 5 Dive Watch, Seiko 5 Military Watch, there is always one Seiko 5 watch that will meet your needs and liking.


Seiko 5 Watches