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Seiko Propsex Mini Turtle Watches

One of the greatest arrivals of 2016, was without a doubt Seiko's SRP77x "Turtle," a reissue of Seiko's famous ref. 6309 jumper. Many have loved the design of SRP77x, but at a sizeover 44mm, the SRP77x is as a matter of fact too substantial for a few wrists, Many watch enthusiast have hoped that there has been a smaller version of SRP77x.

Indeed, Seiko has been aware about the feedbacks of one of their best selling series, the Seiko Prospex Turtles (SRP77 series) and came out with 4 new models (SRPC35K1, SRPC37K1, SRPC39K1, and SRPC41K1) which has been given the name of " Mini Turtles" by many watch collectors.

The Mini Turtles are not only smaller by size, from a 44mm to 42.3mm, it has some areas that are slightly improvised compared to the popular Seiko Turtles SRP77x.

The 200-meter appraised case estimates 42.3mm and highlights a crown at three o'clock, a takeoff from the somewhat recessed crown of the SRP, which is situated at four. The pad case here is commonplace, however it's sufficiently distinctive from the exemplary 6309/SRP outline. It A Hardlex precious stone sits on the case.

Fueling the watch is Seiko' 4R35 gauge, which offers hacking, hand-winding, 41 long periods of intensity save and a beat rate of 21,600.

The dial of the watch slightly resembles the Seiko Turtles, but there are slight differences. The hour markers are adjusted and the extended day/date at three has been deserted for a straightforward date with an adjusted cyclops. The handset is the great sword and bolt mix with just a slight change to the base of great importance hand. To the extent dial content is concerned, the watch has all the normal Seiko and Prospex marking.

The SRPC35K1 and SRPC37K1 are both dark dialed, dark bezeled jumpers; actually, they're basically a similar watch yet for the going with tie. The previous comes mounted on a treated steel armlet, and the last goes ahead a two-piece silicone band. At that point there's the SRPC39K1, which flaunts a matte blue dial and blue bezel. Lastly, we have the SRPC41K1, which is the PADI co-marked cycle with its recognizing pepsi bezel, red-lined moment hand, and wavy dark dial.

Seiko Prospex Mini Turtle

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