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Casio G shock watches

The first G-Shock watch was produced in April 1983 by the Japanese watch brand Casio. The in house designer behind the concept was Kikuo Ibe and the very first model that they produced was known as the DW-5000C-1A.

The concept behind the Casio G-Shock range was to produce a digital watch that was very hard wearing and resistant to strong vibrations and hard knocks, they were initially marketed to sportsmen and those who favored outdoor pursuits such as mountaineering and winter sports, the vast majority of the first watches produced all featured stopwatches, lights, and water resistance to ensure they met the demands of modern day athletes. The durability of G-Shock is rated so highly that both British and American Special Forces use the watches when in the field.

By the 1990's G-Shock started to become highly popular within the fashion watch sector with many department stores and independent fashion stores stocking the product. Casio worked to this demand and began to release many models per year and collaborating with other companies and famous people to increase their ever growing collection and by 1998 they were releasing over 200 different models per year.

In 2002 G-Shock introduced the Baby-G collection of watches which were designed to appeal predominantly to the female market. The watches kept the design principles of durability and resistance of the mainline collection but with a much more feminine design.

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Today the G-Shock range is split into 5 main ranges, the Classic series, the Giez series, the Limited Series, the Master of G series, and the MTG series.

Today, you can find a large variety of Casio G shock watches with all the features and styles you might expect from a leader in the industry. A few of the most popular styles of Casio watches for men includes the G-Shock Blue Dual Function, the G-Shock Radio Controlled Solar, the 10-year Lithium Battery, the Extended Battery Life, the ProTrek Wave Ceptor, the Speed-Measuring, and the Illuminator Combination. For women the most popular Casio watches include the Casio Yellow Baby-G Digital, Casio 10 Year Battery Ladies Digital, Casio G-shocks

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