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Orient Star

Orient star watches

The start of Orient Watch Company goes back to 1901 when Shogoro Yoshida started a wholesale store called (Yoshida Watch Shop) in Ueno Taito Tokyo, Japan.
In 1912, Yoshida expand his company and started producing of wrist watch cases. It wasn't until 1934 that Toyo Tokei Manufacturing began the production of wrist watches. In 1936, the Hino Factory was built in Tokyo, Japan. For many years, Toyo Tokei Manufacturing boomed at the Hino Manufacturing plant. However, impacted by the poor Japanese economy after World War 2, the company close down in 1949. After the Toyo Tokei Manufacturing was shut down, Yoshida’s wristwatch manufacturing business was reborn in 1950, founded under the name Tama Keiki Co. Ltd. and went on producing wrist watches at the Hino Manufacturing plant. Just one year later, in 1951, Tama Keiki Co., Ltd. changed its company name to Orient Watch Co., Ltd. and in the same year the first Orient Star was released. Orient Watch managed to expand their presence overseas following a memorandum trade agreement with China in 1955. In 2005, Orient Star Retro Future collection was released. What made Orient star one of the most preferred mechanical timepiece among watch enthusiast is that Orient develop an in-house movement which is undoubtedly developed and produced by Orient watch company for their watch collection. Several well-known watch companies do not produce their own movements, but instead, outsource and design a wrist watch around a movement. True watchmaking begins with the development of a movement. A movement is just the mechanism that functions the watch. Can you imagine buying a watch for thousands of dollars realizing that it wasn’t actually made by the company? Of course it a turn off.

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